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Hello, I'm Nicole Crayne A front end web developer...

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I am currently seeking a role as a junior front-end web developer. Get in touch to schedule a discussion about your next project!


Hi there! I'm a Front-end Web Developer who loves designing and implementing beautiful, functional websites that are accessible to everyone. I am proficient in developing responsive, mobile-first websites from complex design requirements, and am always working to further my craft by learning new techniques, technologies, and tools.

I work primarily in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and am exploring new projects with React. Having worked on many solo projects, I've developed a good eye for design, and a mindfulness of UI/UX design. In addition, I have worked on freelance projects with website creators such as Wordpress, Wix, and SquareSpace, with an emphasis on creating systems that small business owners are able to maintain independently.

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Want to see more of my work? I also have a collection of small projects and code snippets that I have made and hosted on CodePen. Check them out at codepen.io/nicolealaine

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